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Breast Feeding

Won`t take a bottle



my grandson is 4 months old and my daughter is breatfeeding him. he would never take a bottle and now she wants to wean him to a bottle and can`t. being a mon that has brestfed 5 babies i told to try diffrent things, none have worked. her doctor told her if the baby was hungry enough he will take a bottle. that hasn`t worked either. any suggestions?


Weaning to a bottle from the breast can often be difficult. Not knowing exactly what you`ve tried, I assume that you have tried a variety of different bottles and nipples. The baby should be fed the bottle by someone other than the mother, and sometimes it helps to use breast milk for the first feeding until he get adjusted to the bottle, and then switch to artificial milk because of the difference in taste and smell. Also try to anticipate when the baby will be hungry, and feed him before he is too hungry, also try when he is sleepy. When holding the baby hold him close, and place the `warm nipple` (run it under warm water) near his mouth, and let him draw the nipple into his mouth. If the baby doesn`t like this try other positions very different from traditional nursing positions. Including rocking and walking. Another option is for your daughter to wait until he is able to take a cup and go directly to the cup, however I realize that is some months away, and may not be realistic. Babies can be fed by spoons and eyedroppers if necessary, and she can talk with either the baby`s health care provider about how to do this or a lactation consultant.

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Tina   Weitkamp, RNC, MSN Tina Weitkamp, RNC, MSN
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College of Nursing
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