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Infectious Diseases




I am female aged 40 with consistent abdominal pains and back pains for over 10 years and it seems to be getting worse. I have been to doctors, and chiropractors and the former says I do not suffer from anything thelatter says he can`t do anything and advised me to see a naturopath. The naturopath said I suffered from Flukes and Toxoplasmosis. I read your article Health for Life which says that humans who have this do not show any symptoms and that the normal imune system keeps the infection away.


Approximately 10 to 30% of the general adult population in the US is chronically infected with Toxoplasma gondii. This chronic infection is asymptomatic in people who have a normal immune system. A person chronically infected with T. gondii who becomes immunosuppressed (organ transplant recipient, AIDS, lymphoma) can develop reactivation of their disease which typically manifests as an encephalitis (inflammation in the brain). About 10% of acutely infected individuals develop symptoms (even if their immune system is normal): usually fever and enlarged cervical (neck) lymph nodes which resolves spontaneously.

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