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Newborn and Infant Care

Baby`s softspot



pertains to a baby`s softspot. how old are they when the softspot is no longer soft? and what if the baby`s softspot was hard around 4 months old?


At birth baby`s has two "soft spots" or fontanelles. The first one is diamond shaped and located on the top of the baby`s head and about the size of the width of two fingers. This usually closes about 18 months of age, when the bones grow together. The second or posterior fontanelle is located more on the lower part of the crown baby`s head. This is triangular shaped and closes at couple months of age. (See the link below for a picture of the newborn skull.) A fontanelle is not really soft; it is just not as hard as the bone. If you are not able to feel the anterior (or front) fontanelle you need to take your child to their health care provider.

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