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Parkinson's Disease

CM / Parkinson`s - Care for Long-term, On-goi



My mother was exposed to CM 5 1/2 years ago. What kind of on-going care does she need. Her doctor tells her she may be developing Parkinson`s Disease. She does have a little memory loss and dizziness. She was exposed in England at her sisters house for a period of three weeks from a slow leak in a heater. Her sister`s dog died and it was then they were told of the CM. My mother`s brother-in-law who used to help my aunt and sometimes sleep on the couch near the heater does now have Parkinson`s Disease and lives in a senior`s residence. My mother`s MIR indicated some brain cell deterioration in the upper right side of her brain. She generally feels "yucky" most of the time, and is a lot slower in walking.

I have had no problem finding what CM poisoning is and what to do as soon as it happens, but there`s not much if anything to help "exposed" people for the long-term, on-going EFFECTS for AFTER having been exposed. What to do to manage, cope and maintain overall health after a severe exposure and how to treat the symptoms of other ailments which would have stemmed from the CM poisoning, and not just give her drugs for the particular symptom.

What is the best way to de-toxify her body. Her doctor nixed the idea of a Decompression Chamber, but I think she should still do it. What products can be used to re-oxyginate her body and help rebuild or at least stabilise the cells (other than her brain`s) that were damaged.

Any assistance in this direction would be greatly appreciated.


Carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to a syndrome that resembles idiopathic Parkinson`s disease. Unfortunately, there are no specific long-term therapies for this although a trial of Sinemet is justifiable.

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Arif Dalvi, MD
Assistant Professor
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati