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Irritated throat



I have allergies to dust mites, mold, ragweed and cats. Over the last two weeks I have a feeling that something is at the back of my throat which causes me to clear my throat. the more i clear the more my throat feels irritated and my voice is strained. by the end of the day i can not really talk without it bothering me. are these symptoms of the allergies. i do not have runny nose, stuffed nose or watery eyes. what medications are good to take that will not put me to sleep. thank you.


You are probably experiencing increased allergy symptoms including nasal congestion which causes mouth breathing and a dry throat and post nasal drainage which causes the lump in your throat. Treatment of allergies consists of avoidance measures, medications to control symptoms and allergy injections if indicated. I would implement appropriate allergen control measures for dust mites, cats and other indoor allergens (see stopallergy.com). It may be of interest for you to know what is in your environment. A new self-diagnostic kit is available to tell what you are being exposed to in the home called allergen alert. If you call 1-800-760-3090 they will send you a free video on indoor allergens and how to control them and you can obtain a kit for your home. The kit measures dust mite, cockroach, four types of molds, cat and dog in two rooms in the home (ie. family room and bedroom or where you spend the most time while at home). To control immediate symptoms you should see your allergist for medications that would be appropriate for your problem. They would also be able to tell you whether allergy injections would be of benefit for long term control of your condition.

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