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Worried Mama



I am the mother of a 16 year old boy in rural Arkansas. When he was14 he developed a lump on the left front of his throat marble sized. One ENT did a biopsy said he took 3 lymph nodes with thyroid tissue in tnem indicative of cancer. Tried to send to cancer specialist. Problems with insurance-cancer specialist covered-not his facility. So, we were sent to another ENT at Children`s hospital. He said my son is an "enigma" and thought the first dr. made a mistake. After doing an ultrasound he saw abnormalities in his thyroid and said he has a multinodular goiter. In 2 year span several ultrasounds have been done with each one a little worse. Last Dec. a fine needle biopsy showed nothing. since-2 ultrasounds have showed slightly worse. We are jst watching- i feel a bit uncomfortable with this any sugestions. We were recently told that his granfather on my husband`s side had lupus could this be an early sign of that. Any tests to tell?Thanks


Thyroid problems can appear with lupus or other autoimmune conditions, but they do not take the form of a multinodular goiter. There are forms of autoimmune thyroiditis in which the body makes antibodies against the tissues in the thyroid gland. Lupus has many symptoms and signs which your son does not have. Talk with his family doctor about your concerns and maybe ask for a referral to an endocrinologist who can check what type of thyroid disease your son has and if the `nodules` are hormonally active.

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