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Next step for my UCTD




I wrote a while back concerning my health problems that go back for 15 years. Recurring joint paint, chronic infections, hearing loss, meningitis 2x, rash that covered 90% of my body, false positive VDRL, the list goes one. I finally got the results back on my ANA. The report indicates that it was positive at 1:640 with a homogenous pattern. My rheummy believes that I have a Mild UCTD process going on. But does not feel that I have lupus. If I have a Mild form of UCTD then why am I in so much pain all of the time. I know that it is hard to dx CTD`s but what should be my next step. I wrote to you back on 9/19/01. THe rheummy did state that my ana was borderline positive. But everything I have read indicates that it is sligtly high.


I am not able to provide you with any more information at this time than I could in my answer to your earlier question. Please talk with your healthcare provider about your questions.

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Larry   Houk, MD Larry Houk, MD
Professor of Clinical Medicine and Rheumatology
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati