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Smoke and Asthma



Hi, I have asthma and it has been really bad this week. Everybody is burning leaves, the smoke just hang in the air and it burn my chest and nose even inside, its every where. I don`t know why it seem worse this year than I remember before.

I been coughing so bad all my muscles hurt, I haven`t slept in days, weezing and choking all night long and I can hardly drag myself to work in the morning. I try not to cough all the time at work, it is gross and embarasing, and I`m afraid people will think I have Anthrax or AIDS or something. Plus, once I start coughing I can`t stop. I am too sore to cough up the stuff in my chest, it just chokes me and makes me weeze. I hate this, I am so tired I just want to sleep for a week but I can`t even sleep for an hour before I wake up coughing and weezing.

They can`t burn leaves forever but I need some tips for surviving until winter sets in!


First, you should see your doctor to make sure your asthma is being treated effectively. You may need an adjustment in your medication. Second, there are masks you can buy that are very effective at filtering out smoke while you are out doors and about. These can be obtained at . The respro has carbon and hepa material that filters out smoke and fumes which you may find very helpful.

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