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Medication for Asthma



I am a 15 year old male and I weigh about 190 lbs. I have Chronic Asthma that is triggered by many things. I am currently taking inhaled Alupent, Albuterol via nebulizer, and Singular orally. These medications have minimal effects, I considered asking my doctor about Flovent or Advair to help my asthma, but I am worried that taking an inhaled steroid would make me gain weight. If I take and inhaled steroid, will I gain weight and what will be the physical effects?


Inhaled corticosteroids are safe when taken at recommended doses and do not cause weight gain as oral steroids are known to do. Inhaled corticosteroid drugs are the treatments of choice for chronic asthma because they control inflammation in the airways and thereby prevent daily symptoms. In fact, if your asthma is well controlled on these medications, your potential ability to perform regular exercise could have a positive impact on a weight control program. There are several inhaled corticosteroid products that are effective. You may wish to consult your physician.

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