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Hi! I have several questions.Is hitting a locomotor skill? Is jogging a manipulative skill? Is jumping rope a rhythmic awarenss? Is swimming a tactile awareness. Which is the correct answer based on the activity and required skill I have mentioned above? Push ups and sit ups do which of the following: Flexibility, Body Awarenss,or Muscular Strength? If you do fitness walking 3 times a day to increase the heartrate of 140-170 and you checked the hearrate for several days and it is only 120 and you want to increase the heartrate what would you do? Speed and use arm movements or walk in pace increasing it 5 times a week? If a ladder is placed horizontally based on a physical activiy. What are you trying to accomplish? Direction Awareness, Locomotor and Gross motor, Tactile, Agility and Strength. Obesity has a long term effect on which of the following body systems? Circulatory system, Digestive system, Endocrine system Thanks!


Jumping rope is a rhythmic activity. Push ups and sit ups are considered muscular strengthening exercises. To increase intensity of walking, add arm movements and increase speed. Obesity may impact all of these systems. For example, circulatory (coronary artery disease, hyperlipidemia, hypertension)and endocrine (diabetes, gallbladder, renal disease). Please be more specific about the ladder question.

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