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Exercise and Fitness

Working out - the right way?



i am taking a health class in college and one of our projects is to have a goal and try to reach it. my goal is to exercise more than what i alreasy do. but my question is how do you know what the right exercie is for you? i am a female, about 5`3" and wiegh around 125 lbs. i try to work out about 4-5 times a week using exercise videos. the ones i am using now are targeting the butt and abs. i have heard that tae-bo is good. should be being strenuous exercises? and how often should i work out? thank you.


Please refer to the question `Getting in Shape for the Summer` previously answered in our Exercise & Fitness panel. Keep in mind that all exercise is beneficial. When trying to find what is right for you, make it easy on yourself and find something convenient and that you find interesting. Some folks take up walking so that they may enjoy the outdoors. Just because you are female at an average height and weight doesn`t limit what you can and cannot do. Have fun trying out new activities!

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