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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADD Diagnosis



Where would you recommend a 7th grade student receive an assesment for ADD and/or other behavior problems. He resides in southern Ohio, Sciota County. Columbus and Cinncinati are equal distance. This child is currently "expelled" from school for the remainder of the school year due to his behavior. He is extremely intelligent scoring high passing all proficiency tests. He has been unable to form friendships or participate in group activities appropriately since pre-school.


I urge you to first speak with his doctor to see what s/he suggests. Good communication between any consultants and his physician will enhance his care, whatever the diagnosis. Often, when a primary care physician recommends a consultant, it is not only someone they feel would be a good clinician. It is also someone s/he knows and has good interactions with. However, in case you have already contacted his doctor and still need ideas... I have made a few different suggestions since referrals depend on how you plan to pay for the evaluation. 1. Children`s Hospital in Cincinnati does a good evaluation at CCDD (see weblink below) and takes most insurance including Medicaid. The last time one of my patients went there they had a 5 month waiting period. 2. If you want to use your insurance and want to get things rolling soon, call his insurance company. He may have at least some coverage for such an evaluation. 3. I work at The Affinity Center in Cincinnati. I am very proud of the thorough and careful evaluation our team does there and our rapid growth suggests others feel the same. However, Affinity does not take insurance. When Affinity began 5-1/2 years ago the founders/directors consciously chose to stay away from insurance panels because the companies so often limit the workup and do not allow for a complete job by a comprehensive team of psychologists, Advanced Practice Nurses, physicians, and a social worker. I hope things work out!

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Susan Louisa Montauk, MD
Formerly Professor of Family Medicine
University of Cincinnati