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Exercise and Fitness

Increase in BMR with added muscle



How much is the basal metabolic rate increased for each pound of lean muscle mass gained? (For instance, in the case of a 140-pound woman that loses 10 pounds of fat but gains 10 pounds of muscle; how much would her metabolic rate increase?)


Metabolic rate is individual for each person. `In general the metabolic rate is highest during intense exercise and lowest during restful sleep. Body size, age, type of food intake, level of activity, thyroid hormone levels, and the ratio of body fat to lean tissue all affect metabolic rate. At rest, the average person`s metabolism is about one metabolic equivalent (MET), approximately 3.5 ml O2/kg/min (each kilogram of body weight is using 3.5 ml of O2 per minute). An endurance athlete may have a resting MET level near 3.5 (such as 3.6 to 4.0 ml O2/kg/min), while a very sedentary individual with a relatively high percentage of body fat and a lower lean (muscle) tissue ratio may have a resting MET level below 3.5 (such as 3.2 to 3.4 ml O2/kg/min)- Practical Math for Health Fitness Professionals, Human Kinetics.

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