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Complementary Medicine

How Can Acupuncture be Used to Alleviate Migraines?



How can acupuncture be used to help with migraine headaches? I have tried conventional medical approaches and am interested in learning about alternative therapies to be used alone or in conjunction with conventional therapies. Thank you.


Acupuncture has been used successfully to treat migraines. There have been a number of studies which show significant improvement in number as well as severity of migraine headaches using acupuncture. The treatments are more frequent at first (maybe weekly), and then usually only monthly thereafter as a preventive treatment. "Results may vary"! Other things to consider are diet therapies. Naturopathic physicians (N.D.`s) often recommend an elimination diet to fight migraine headaches, as they are often related to what we may be eating on a regular basis.

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Tanya I Edwards, MD, MEd Tanya I Edwards, MD, MEd
Formerly, Associate Professor of Medicine
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University