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Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders

Causes of lump/bump on palate?



I noticed a smooth (below surface) lump/bump just left to the center of my upper palate. On the internet I`ve read awful salivary gland/mouth cancer scenarios. I`m just curious what NON AWFUL things could cause this as well. Could I have eaten something that irritated it?

(I have made an appointment per recommendation of my dentist with an oral surgeon for next week---which in and of itself scared me.)

Thank you!


Your dentist was right to have you be checked. If you have not noticed the lesion previously it can be a cancer or tumor. You are correct that not all oral lesions are cancers, and can just be a viral infection for example or an irritation, but it needs to be checked. Additionally, on the palate a common lesion is a palatal torus - this is a bony growth, but would have been there for years and not be new but may have just gone unnoticed. Regardless, get checked, preferably by an otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon who regularly sees oral tumors.

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