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Exercise and Fitness

Age and weight gain



I have a question about aging and weight gain. I`m am 31 yrs. old, 5`5" tall and at a recent visit to my family planning clinic found out that I now weigh 194 lbs.! (The only thing they`ve told me is to eat more fruits & vegetables and drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, but other than that don`t seem real concerned. ) I haven`t really changed my eating habits and if anything, I exercise more now than I did a year ago. I have gained almost 30 lbs. since September of last year, and nine of those have been just since June. Family members tell me it`s just a part of getting older and that my metabolism is slowing down. My question is: Is your metabolism supposed to slow down that much, that fast? It seems as though my has shut down. I do have an appointment to see the doctor. Are there any particular questions I should ask? Thank you.


I would consider yourself quite young at age 31 and, therefore, you have plenty of time to set some realistic goals for a weight reduction program including both components of exercise and healthy eating. In general (not knowing your body frame)for a woman 5`5", an ideal body weight is approximately 125 lbs. I am interested in knowing what your current exercise program consists of. You may wish to read our answer to "How do I get in shape for the summer?" posted on our website for general year-round exercise recommendations. I look forward to hearing back from you. 

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Carolyn   Nickol, RD, MEd Carolyn Nickol, RD, MEd
Fitness Center at CARE\Crawley
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