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Exercise and Fitness

Exercise and anxiety



I suffer from anxiety disorder for the last 4 years but am trying and currently achieving to overcome it without drugs.My symptoms are shortness of breath,beeing overheated when very anxious and palpitations. I have done all the heart and other tests and are all OK.My resting BP is 12/6.5 and my body is sport skiny with a very low body fat %.I also have orthostatic hypotension when i am nervous.One of my hobbies and its the most important part of my calm processes is sports and going to the gym.When i go there,sometimes i have some symptoms that are making me panic (the symptoms are related to my illness). First symptom is that i feel my head heating up. Second is that my ears turn very red and third that i can see both veins situated 4-5cm above my eye actually pumping in the mirror.After the exercise i feel a little dizzy but very calm and my BP drops to 11/6 when i get home and measure. My questions are these: can these be occuring cause of high bp/adrenalin of the exercise? Can increased blood circulation damage something? I heard that blood clots form when very anxious can this be done when i am exercising? These feelings only come up occasionally when at the gym and generaly exercise is something i love and calms me down a lot.


Your first step should be discussing this situation with your primary care physician.

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