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Prostate Cancer

Non-Bacterial Chronic Prostatitis Treatment



TO: Dr. Martin Resnick

I noticed your photograph and book "Advanced Therapy of Prostate Diseases" in the entryway of the University Hospital- Cleveland, and visited the UH Dept of Urology webpage.

I know and have worked in the past with Dr. Hillard Lazarus, one of the UH Directors of Stem Cell transplantation.

I am a otherwise healthy 53 yr old male in excellent physical condition due to regular exercise and diet that extends over 30 years. Approximately one year ago, I began experiencing discomfort in my groin area, along with a more frequent requirement to urinate. I went to my internist, who performed a DRE, and ordered a PSA test. He put me on antibotic therapy for several weeks- no effect. The PSA was < 0.5.

I was referred to an urologist, who has diagnosed my condition as non bacterial chronic prostatitis. He says I do not have BPH. He has basically told me there is no cure or treatment and this is something I will have to live with until the discomfort becomes gets to the point of requiring invasive treatment, such as surgery.

He prescribed Flowmax, which didn`t seem to work. I have been taking herbal supplements, such as saw palmetto, for the past several months, with no effect.

I can`t believe there is no remedy for this condition, and would like to ask if a second opinion by you or a colleague is warranted? I live in Cincinnati, so I ask if there is a colleague you would suggest here in Cincinnati? I would have no issue coming up to Cleveland if you have some options to explore. Are there any clinical trials ongoing for prostatitis, such as at the NIH? I travel to Washington on an occasional basis too.

Thank you.


There can be various options for treatment, but I suggesat you be evaluated again. You can call Dr. Bruce Bracken in Cinncinati and ask him to refer you to a urologist in his department who can help you. Let us know if this is helpful. 

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Martin I Resnick, MD Martin I Resnick, MD
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