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Asthma Medication (Marax)



I used to take a wondeful asthma medication called Marax. Is this medication still being prescribed? Thank you.


Marax is a combination of theophylline (relaxes bronchial tubes), ephedrine (relaxes bronchial tubes), and hydroxyzine (a sedating antihistamine). Although it is still available by prescription, combination tablets such as this are rarely used any more because the amount of theophylline cannot be varied with respect to other drugs in the pill (metabolism of theophylline is significantly different among individuals). Also, ephedrine is no longer considered to be a bronchodilator of choice for most patients with asthma. However, you may have been responsive to one or more of the drugs in Marax since you found the product to be symptomatically beneficial. You should discuss this with your physician; perhaps addition or substitution of related drugs to your current regimen could provide additional benefit.  














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