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Prostate Cancer

Is it Possible to Feel or Touch the Cowpers Gland?



I`m age 21 and I have noticed a small lump between my testicles. It's between the rectrum and the sack of my scrotum. I`m not sure if this is normal because I researched some things and notice that the "cowpers gland" is located near this spot. I am supposed to be able to feel this lump called the cowpers gland or is this something different?


One should not be able to palpate Cowper`s glands, therefore I don`t know specifically what you are feeling. I suggest you consult with a physician who can examine you and establish what the structure is. I hope this information is helpful to you.

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Martin I Resnick, MD Martin I Resnick, MD
Formerly, Professor of Urology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University