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Digestive Disorders

Rt side pain, near lowest rib



I have periodic pain on my right side just by my lowest right rib.

It goes away if I use the restroom. Is it possible that this is diverticulitis or constipation?


Based on your limited description of the location and nature of the pain, I would have to say that both diverticulitis and constipation would be unlikely causes. General pain localized in the upper right side of the abdomen is usually attributed to either the gallbladder or liver and less likely the stomach or pancreas. Diverticulitis causes pain in the lower abdomen and is usually not periodic but acute and associated with fever. Constipation indicates a decreased frequency or increased difficulty with bowel movements and is not thought to be a cause of pain.

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Response by:

John D Long, MD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati