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Breast Feeding

Breast augmentation after breastfeeding



I am considering breast augmentation surgery; however, I just weaned my son three months ago. How long should I wait to have the surgery?


Usually the breast returns to "normal" size and shape within six months of weaning your infant. However it may take longer for some women. When you see your health care provider regarding the surgery, be sure to let them know that you breast fed, how long you breast fed, and then when you weaned your infant. If you are planning on nursing additional children you need to also discuss this with the surgeon. Many women are able to breast feed successfully following breast augmentation, but the success depends upon many things. Some of these include: intactness of the lactiferous ducts, was the blood supply interrupted, and intactness of the nerves of the breast. 

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Tina   Weitkamp, RNC, MSN Tina Weitkamp, RNC, MSN
Associate Professor of Clinical Nursing
College of Nursing
University of Cincinnati