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Lung diseases

Prolong coughing



For the past few weeks, I`ve been coughing really hard that I sometimes end up forcing myself to gag. I`ve been taking over the counter medicines such as Robitussin and NyQuil Cough and nothing seems to work. I`ve seek medical advise from my doctor who believes in natural healing (she thinks I should stick to drinking lots and lots of water and let the cough run its course). So far, I have not had any other symtoms that is related to other diseases I`ve read online. Is prolonged coughing something I need to be concern about? Or should I listen to my doctor and just let it run its course?

PS: FYI...no mucus comes out which makes me wonder if that`s a good sign.


Prolonged coughing should be further investigated. The number of possibilities are too long to list. As you appear to be seeking a second opinion I would suggest asking for a referral from your doctor to a Pulmonary specialist. NetWellness offers a referrals/directories page, which might help you to find the type of specialist that you seek. To access it, follow the `Click here for a referral` link at the bottom of this screen.

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Mitchell C Rashkin, MD Mitchell C Rashkin, MD
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