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Spine and Back Health

Cronic pain in left shoulder blade



About 9 years ago I was doing butterflies on a weight bench and felt a pain in my left shoulder blade area,next to my spine.I have a constant pain in that area and any kind of physical activity can cause it to flare up to the point my left chest and arm ache.I have had an MRI of my neck which came back ok,an EMG showed nothing,A bone scan showed minor arthitis in my shoulders. X-rays show nothing.I have done physical therapy and the extra movement makes it worse.Laying flat on my back,sitting with pressure against my left back area increases the pain.I can`t sleep on my left side,so I have to lay on my right side to get to sleep.After 9 years of laying only on my right side I am now having trouble getting to sleep do to laying only on this side.I am am going to see a Dr on the 14th for a possable trigger point injection,I don`t know what this is but i`m to the point of trying anything.Could you please help me with anything? in any way?


I would agree with trial of trigger point injections for the rhomboids and/or levator scapula muscle. Also did the EMG look at muscles such as supraspinatus, infraspinatus rhomboid as those are commonly missed?

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Mark   Goddard, MD Mark Goddard, MD
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Drake Center
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