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My mom is having cramping in her hands, face and legs. Her hands close tight. On her face she has tremors around her eyes, her upper lip is pulled tight downwards and her cheeks go inwards. She gets like a numbness in her legs. I took her to the emergency room but the doctors dont know what this is. All they do is give her a pain shot and send her home. Her normal doctor cant tell her for sure if she has lupus, but does say she had fibromyagia. She does beleive she has lupis. She is also a diabetic, and is on prozac. I just dont know how to help her and if we are doing the right thing. Is these spasms normal for lupus and is there anything she can do. Her test at the hospital show that her potassium levels are ok.


It is difficult to make a diagnosis without examining your mom. The features, which you describe in your mom, in isolation can not be ascribed to lupus. I would recommend that your mom sees a rheumatologist who might be able to better distinguish between the diagnoses of fibromyalgia versus other diseases that may mimic fibromyalgia. Are all her other electrolytes, such as Calcium, OK? 

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Ram Raj   Singh, MD Ram Raj Singh, MD
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati