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Exercise and Fitness

Achilles tendon



I`m a 14 year old girl who is now running track, I did it last year. However this year I got hurt right around my achilles tendon on my left foot and it has become swollen and painful, plus its red and irritated and around it is purple. On my right foot my ankle is also swollen. They are both very weak and hurt really badly when I run long distance, sprint, jump, or walk after I did one of the previous. I have become very slow because of this. Also to top it off because of my injury of whatever it is my knees have become bruised and achy I believe because I can`t put pressure on me feet that it all the weight goes to my knees. I have no clue what I did and if I find out I would know how to treat it. So I ask you to please tell me what you think did and how to treat it. Any information would be very helpful.


I highly suggest that you make an appointment to see your personal physician as soon as possible. 

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Carolyn   Nickol, RD, MEd Carolyn Nickol, RD, MEd
Fitness Center at CARE\Crawley
University of Cincinnati