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Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders

Out of place throat



for about a week or two a bone or something small has felt out of place in the right side of my throat. it is a very weird feeling and also really is scaring me cause i dont know what is wrong. whenever i swallow i feel this clicking feeling on the right side. can you shed some light on this? is it going to go back to normal or is surgury possibly needed? thank you!


There are many structures involved in swallowing including many small muscles and bones. Within the throat objects can get stuck, especially small pointed objects like fish bones. Also the normal structures such as the muscles and bones can break or tear, but this is uncommon. You should see an otolaryngologist and have your throat examined. Also, always remember that a persistent sore throat may be the only sign of an early throat tumor or cancer and early examination and detection lead to the best chance of cure.

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