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Side Effects of The Pill



My fience is going on birth controll, but she is nervious about some of the side effects. Most of the research i found out said that most of the side effects will go away after 2-3 months. But she is worried about possible hair loss. My question is this; what percentage of women on the pill experience side effects, and of those side effects, how many experience hair loss? Any other suggestions


What you state is true, the most common side-effects of headaches, nausea, breast-tenderness and spotting improve after the first 2-3 months. The exact incidence is difficult to determine with the various preparations, but it ranges somewhere between 10-20% during the first 2-3 months and then 0-5% thereafter. Hair loss is not a side effect that is reported with the pill. Numbers regarding hair loss are not kept, but I would assume it to be less than 1%. All of these side effects are reversible if they are severe and not tolerated. 

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