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Kidney Diseases

High albumin level mean?



What does a high albumin level mean. Like 5.0 g/dl


To answer your question I need to know what fluid was being measured. Was it serum, urine, spinal fluid? I presume it was urine. If that is the fluid, it means that the filtering membranes of the kidney are permitting too much albumin to pass through into the tubular system and eventually out into the urine. This suggests that there is a type of glomerulonephritis going on. There are many types, some of which clear up spontaneously without special treatment. Some may progress on to destroy the involved glomerular membranes. There are treatments now available for many types of glomerulonephritis. Please consult your primary care physician as soon as possible. He/she would be the best person to know how to take care of this. A board certified nephrologist would be preferred. I hope this answer is of some help to you. 

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Philip W Hall, 3rd, MD Philip W Hall, 3rd, MD
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