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No Menstration for 3 months/Not Pregnant?



I am a bit concerned…I have had some strange cycles for several months. My last real Period was April. In May I spotted for 3 weeks – was dark brown/black. In June I didn`t have a period, in July I had one for two days ending 07/17 – since then I have not had any spotting or period – it`s October 15 – I have seen a dr. and taken several pregancy tests – all same I am not pregnant – I have been tested for std`s and I have none- My dr. said this can happen, but I`m 25 and have never experienced this before. I do experience a lot of dizziness and I still feel the cramping that comes with menstration on occasion- I am not taking any medication at this time, and not experiencing any overwhelming stress – Can you please tell me what is going on with my body?


There are other causes such as over/underactive thyroid or other hormonal imbalances that can cause a loss of cycles. Stress (both physical or emotional) as well as large changes in weight can cause cycles to cease. There are many women for whom this occurs without a solid explanation. The most important thing is to rule out the known causes and then treat to resume normal cycles or obtain pregnancy. 

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