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Vascular Surgery

Varicose vein in the bottom of the foot



I have a large varicose vein on the bottom of my foot. My podiatrist has never seen a varicose vein in this area. Is there a way to strip this vein without an incision on the bottom of the foot? Do you know of any surgeons who have performed a surgery in this area. I have heard of a procedure called closure and wonder if this is possible in my case.


Stripping or closure is really not appropriate for a vein in this area. Unlike veins in the legs which can be uncomfortable or unsightly, a vein on the bottom of the foot is not generally treated. Veins which are easily visible on any part of the foot are not considered to be medical problems. If the vein is persistently painful, you may want to consider having it injected (sclerotherapy), but there can be scarring, recurrence and pain associated with this as well. I would not recommend any intervention at this time.

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