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Smoking and Tobacco




How successful is hypnotism in getting one to quit smoking. My daughter smokes and has a small son. I would gladly pay for this if it might help. What are the most successful stopping mehods.


You are correct that it is very important that your daughter quit smoking for her own health as well as that of her son. There are a number of methods to quit smoking. Hypnotism as a smoking cessation strategy has not been studied as thoroughly as other methods of quitting smoking. For example, research usually tests a group who receive a treatment (such as nicotine patch) and compares them to a group who get a patch without nicotine in it. These types of studies have shown that nicotine patch, nicotine gum, nicotine inhaler, nicotine nasal spray, nicotine lozenge, and Zyban increase one`s chances of quitting smoking by two to three times, compared to no treatment. Therefore, these methods of quitting are considered the most effective because they have been compared to another group who did not receive the particular treatment.

Most published reports about hypnosis and smoking cessation are more descriptive and include only participants who received hypnosis. There are reports that self-reported quitting after attending a 1 hour hypnosis smoking cessation session was about 20% being smoke-free 6 months later.

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