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Very upset- please help



I am 28 years old and started with braces 21/2 years ago. At first they removed teeth to create space then they expaned. During expansion I became pregnant. I noticed a huge change in the shape of my face. It`s disfigured. I was some what attractive before braces now I cry- it`s like looking at a different person - it`s aweful. It seems like the expanison pushed out on side of mouth a lot more than other and when I bite down one side hits back teeth while other side does not. The teeth on one side look like they are out of gums more than others. What happened, treatment almost finished but I look terrible what can I do?


If you had your braces removed 21/2 years ago, I would return to your orthodontist and explain your concerns. He should have your records and could evaluate any changes. In any event, enlargement in this area should be investigated by a professional with additional x-rays and other diagnostic means as soon as possible. Let us know what you find. If you need a referral, you would need to give us a zip code. 

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Walter C Buchsieb, DDS, MS Walter C Buchsieb, DDS, MS
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