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Smoking and Tobacco

2nd hand smoke



how many people have died from 2nd hand smoke?


The World Health Organization`s International Agency for Research on Cancer reported in 2002 that nonsmokers are exposed to the same carcinogens as active cigarette smokers. Passive exposure to cigarette smoke has been shown to cause lung cancer among never smokers. Second-hand tobacco smoke IS carcinogenic to humans. There is sufficient evidence that involuntary smoking (exposure to secondhand or `environmental` tobacco smoke) causes lung cancer in humans. Non-smokers who are exposed to second-hand smoke are between 20% and 30% more likely to develop lung cancer.

Experts also found cancers of the stomach, liver, uterus, cervix, kidney and myeloid leukaemia could be caused in part by smoking. In addition, the American Cancer Society website includes information on deaths and illnesses in the U.S. from secondhand smoke each year:

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