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BBT and Luteal Phase question



I am 28 years old and went off the pill about 5 months ago after 8 years of use. My cycle has been erratic since going off the pill. I have tried charting my BBT and it is highly variable: 96.6 one day, 97.0 the next and back to 96.6. Whith such variation it is difficult to determine when I am ovulating. Should this low and variable a BBT be of concern? Frustrated with the BBT method, I used an ovulation test predictor kit last month and determined my luteal phase lasted only 9 days. Could this still be related to going off the pill? Since learning all this information I have become very anxious about possible infertility. I know stress can affect ovulation, could it also affect luteal phase lenth?


Basal body temperature charts are fequently frustrating just as you described. The use of the ovulation detection kit is a good alternative, and if there is a detectable spike in the urine LH (lutenizing hormone), that is a good sign.

Even under ideal circumstances, a couple only has a 15% chance of becoming pregnant in a given cycle. If, after a few more months, you are unsuccessful, see a physician who can try a variety of other tests to confirm if you are ovulating and that your partner has normal sperm.

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