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Complementary Medicine

Are There Any Herbal Products or Diet That Would Help With Depression?



I need some advice. I have been on anti-depressants for over three years. I took Luvox, 100 mg once a day. I stopped taking my Luvox in November and started to take Wellbutrin, 100mg once a day for two months and then 150mg once a day for the last two months. I have had so many bad side effects from the Wellbutrin that (with the help of my Doctor) I have decided to stop all anti-depressants to see how I do without any. My question is, do you have any advice of what I can do to help me to continue my life without any anti-depressants? I eat very healthy and I exercise daily. If I begin to find it too tough, can you suggest any over the counter supplements, like St John`s Wort, or maybe some kinds of herbal products or even suggestions on adding certain foods to my diet? Thank you.


The best alternative method for depression which has been studied is regular exercise. Continue what you`re doing.

St. John`s Wort hasn't proven beneficial (as compared to placebo) in two very large randomized controlled trials in the last two years. It also interacts with a whole host of medicines (like birth control pills and antihistamines), lowering their effectiveness. I can`t recommend it.

A B-Complex vitamin and plenty of dietary anti-oxidants may help. There have been a few positive studies on massotherapy, music therapy, and acupuncture for depression. Either of those may be worth a trial. Of course, I would also recommend psychotherapy if you are not already doing so.

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