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Vascular Surgery

Varicose veins



I have had vein problems ever sence I was a young girl maybe you can talk about some of the younger adults that have these problems. I am 25 yrs. old now and have had a removal at the age of 15 and continue to have problems, the doctor took a vein that had branched and now I have another that is causing very terrible painin my lower right leg, I am fit and healthy my weight is 130pds. and I am 5.4` I excerise and take care of my health but the thing I don`t understand is why am I so young and have these problems?


Family history and female gender plays an important role as to who will develop varicose veins. Pain in the lower leg typically develops toward the end of the day after standing or prolonged sitting. Pain can be controlled by the use of compression or support stockings - many of which are available off the Internet (Try searching compression stocking under Google) in fashionable colors. Typically 15-25mm Hg is a good pressure range to start with. Realize that recurrence is common particularly when you have already had removal at such a young age. Compression or support stocking use can go a long way in preventing future varicose veins and need for further surgery. Best of luck!

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