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Consistant With Lupus?



I would like to know if swelling and severe itching of hands and feet and what I think could possibly be some enlarged lymphnodes at the base of the neck, could be symptoms of Lupus. Also, there are no sores/lesions/rashes associated with this and I have been reading that most people with Lupus have a rash of some sort.


Lupus may affect any part of the body. It may start with a rash or arthritis and may involve the internal organs, blood cells and lymphatic organs. The swelling in the hands or feet may be related to the joints and be a sign of arthritis or may be vascular when patients have a sensitivity to cold with discoloration of hands and feet (Raynaud`s phenomenon). The itching is not a sign of lupus but may be a sign of other problems - liver disease, parasites, allergic reactions, skin fungus, etc. Enlargement of lymph nodes may be seen in some patients with lupus but may be also seen in other conditions (infections for example). You should be seen and examined by a physician, at the beginning your primary care physician who may suggest after that a specialist. 

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