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Breast Cancer

Indentation and lump



I am a 40 y.o. Fe who gives herself regular breast exams. I`ve had surgery in the past with with fibroadenomas. when I lie down , my breast tends to sink in and it looks like it`s starting to stretch towards my nipple. I have had surgery in that area 5 yrs ago, but it has just started these past couple of months. Is it an age thing being just stretch marks? Is it from my past surgery? or is it something new I should be concerned with? I also noticed a pea size lump under my arm, same side of my breast, hard movable and tender. Thank you for your help


Thank you for your question. Breast tissue does change as a woman gets older. The changes that you have noticed need to be checked out with your physician. The indentations and the lump under your arm are signs that need to be diagnosed. The movable lump may be a cyst but you want to know for sure. 

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Janet   Trigg, RN, MSN, EdD Janet Trigg, RN, MSN, EdD
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