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Urinary Disorders

Ruptured ovarian cyst & uti



I was diagnosed w/uti (not really having the typical symptoms) but i saw the doctot because i had pain in my right side near my ovaries, had ultrasounds done & diagnosis was i had a ruptured ovarian cyst....a few questions: 1) does the uti & ovarian cyst cause fatigue & do they sometimes go hand in hand? Also, what are the ovarian cysts caused from & do they cause alot of pain & how long should the pain persist? Please let me know asap! Thanks a bunch!


Ovarian cysts and urinary tract infections are not related. Infections typically cause pain and frequency on urination and ovarian cysts can cause pelvic pain, especially if they rupture. This can be quite severe. If you are experiencing severe pain I suggest you consult with a gynecologist who should be able to properly evaluate you.

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Martin I Resnick, MD Martin I Resnick, MD
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