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Spotting after intercourse



I am currently early in my second trimester, (before the 20th week) and I`ve been noticing a little a little bit of spotting after sex with my husband. I noticed a little bit a couple of weeks ago- such a small amount- imagine pricking yourself with a needle- less than that. It seemed to be more related to maybe a scratch or something, as I was sore after sex as well. Last week I had some brown spotting, called my doctor and the first thing they asked was if I had just had sex... I went to see my doctor on Monday, he checked me out and didn`t seem to think there was anything wrong, and scheduled me back in four weeks. Tonight after sex, I noticed a little pinkish spotting when wiping, that seemed to stop- until I did an enternal exam and found that that was where it was coming from. Again, it was a small amount- so little that it isn`t even coming down onto a pad... I`ve read that sometimes the cervix will blled after sex because it is more sensitive in pregnancy.... but it also said particularly in the later months- is this normal this early on? This didn`t happen in my first pregnancy. Since this is such a small amount, is this even something to worry about? Or am I freaking out over what amounts to be a pretty normal occurance in some pregnancies?


Bleeding does sometime occur after intercourse because of irritation of the cervix or small vaginal tears that can develop because of the vaginal dryness in pregnancy. It is important that other cause of bleeding in pregnancy be evaluated and ruled-out as causes of the bleeding. The ones in particular are placenta previa, preterm labor and placental abruption. If the bleeding persists you should tell your doctor so he or she can be sure that the other causes are not present.

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