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Yellow Cervical Mucus



Sorry this is very gross. I`m 12 weeks pregnant. This morning, mixed in among my usual white, non-smelling slight vaginal discharge was a small blob of yellow. It was a small clump (maybe a couple of centimeters), and it was very very thick & sticky. Not runny. The rest of my discharge was its usual white. It`s now almost 12 hours later, and the yellow has not returned. Is that yellow stuff normal? Could I be losing my mucus plug already, and if so is it dangerous? Just yesterday had a comprehensive nuchal translucency ultrasound. She checked my cervix, so I assume everything is OK. Could this discharge be caused by a problem with my cervix? I`d wonder about infection, but there was no bad smell and it seemed to be a one-time thing.


What you describe does not sound like the mucus plug (that is usually more brown).  It may be related to the transvaginal ultrasound but I do not think it is dangerous.

I would suggest you discuss your symptoms with your doctor and he/she can evaluate you as needed.

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Arthur T Ollendorff, MD Arthur T Ollendorff, MD
Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati