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Complementary Medicine

Does Taking Alpha Lipoic Acid Affect Weight Loss?



I lost approximately 35 pounds within a year and half with exercise, eating smaller portions and trying to make the right choices. I also take multivitamins including Alpha Lipoic Acid. Does this supplement has any affect or aides weight loss? Do you recommend protein shakes that are in health stores? Is it beneficial for fat burning? Thank you in advance for your reply.


Alpha Lipoic Acid is a very powerful antioxidant which helps protect various tissues in our body from the damaging effects of free radicals.  It is used in diabetes as a supplement because it can help to prevent (or even treat) diabetic neuropathy (nerve damage), and helps lower blood sugar.  There haven`t been any studies looking at weight loss and ALA.  Sources are meat and vegetables.  If you take a supplement, take no more than 100mg/day, as nausea occurs at higher doses.

I don`t recommend for or against protein shakes. I prefer for my patients to use food as their source of nutrients, and so fish, beans, nuts, seeds, and lean meat (preferably free range) are the protein sources that I usually recommend.

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