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Alzheimer's Disease

Can Alzheimer`s be Genetic?



My grandmother died of alzheimer`s when my mother was 16-17 years old and I was wondering if it was a genetic trait and if her or myself could possible get this disease?


To adequately answer this question I really need more specific information. For example, your grandmother`s age at the time of her death, and her age when she was diagnosed. Also are there any other family members with this disease in your grandmother`s family like her brothers, sisters or parents?

Some specific genes have been linked to the disease and along with a family history of Alzheimer`s they can increase the possibility that a person will develop the disease. However, possessing the gene does not automatically mean that someone will develop the disease.

If you are concerned because you feel your mother or someone else in the family is exhibiting signs of Alzheimers it would be best to start with your family physician.

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Leighanne K Hustak, ND, CNP Leighanne K Hustak, ND, CNP
Case Western Reserve University

Paula K Ogrocki, PhD Paula K Ogrocki, PhD
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Case Western Reserve University