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Vascular Surgery

Cold hands & toes with lightheadedness



I am 16, 6"3", 189 lbs, Am an athlete (football & wrestling) I run every night. I have been experiencing lightheadedness when I stand up or rapid movements. My hands lately are always cold even when it is hot. My toes are also cold. I also get alot of stomache aches in my upper left area of my stomache. My doctor never knows what to say . Drink no soda, that`s all. I am concerned. Where do I turn for help. I want to feel normal again. I do not want to drop while running or training. Any advice?


 Check with your pediatrician about whether or not you might have Raynaud`s Syndrome. This condition results in cool, mottled fingers and toes, often times when exposed just to ambient or room temperature air. The treatment is often as simple as wearing gloves and socks more frequently to keep hands and feet warm - even in summer.

I would also ask your pediatrician to check your blood pressure sitting, lying and standing. If these are all normal, you may want to consider getting an echocardiogram (ultrasound) to look at your hear. Best of luck!

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