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Breast Cancer

Bloody discharge



Last November I had a total hystarectomy and am now on estrogen replacement. I also had augmentations, (saline), that were removed in early November due to a year of problems. I recently experienced bloody nipple dicharge and have been to a breast surgeon who has me going for a "ductagram" or a galactagram?. I have heard this is not a pleasant experience. What can I expect about and from the results of this procedure? The bloody discharge has ceased recently and it was usually evident during sex or excercise or holding grandbaby. According to what I have read here on your other letters looks like I may have no need for further testing. The bleeding was prominant in left but once or twice it was in both.


Nipple discharges need to be investigated if they are bloody, unilateral or spontaneous. A ductogram is the correct test in this situation. This is performed by a radiologist, who is able to insert a small needle into the duct with drainage. Some dye is then injected into the nipple duct and X-rays are performed. These can then determine if any further biopsies need to be performed.

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Syed A Ahmad, MD Syed A Ahmad, MD
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