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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Stress and Counseling



I am a 26 year old professional and I am in a relatioship that has gone disfunctional since my recent infedelity. I cheated on my mate and my mate forgave me and has given me a second chance but i feel so depressed about my actions and I feel like I`m about to have a nervous breakdown, please tell me what should I do to feel at ease.


It sounds like you need some serious counseling.  Some significant events and stressors have occurred in your life, and you, and probably you and your partner, need some counseling to help you work through these.  It may be that you have developed a clinical depression that might also need some medication, but that is not at all clear at this time.  A counselor or mental health professional can help determine if you need to see a physician as well.

I would recommend you waste no time in getting to a counselor or therapist.

Good luck

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Nancy   Elder, MD Nancy Elder, MD
Associate Professor
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati