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Vascular Surgery

Years old bruise now causing pain



I bruised my leg about 20 years ago and although unsightly was not painful. Recently I have been having painful cramps in this leg and some of the pain seems to radiate from the area of the bruise. I also now have arthritis in my knee. The bruise is located on the front part of my leg in the calf area.


Have your physician check the pulses in your feet. If he/she can not feel them, then I would recommend they have a non-invasive arterial study performed on your legs to check the circulation. If the pulses are present but you have pain in that area, an X-ray and perhaps, CT (cat scan) scan would help to rule out any underlying abnormality. If all these studies are normal, then this may just be due to muscle ache and pain, in which case, you may be helped by visiting an orthopedic surgeon. Best of luck!

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