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Exercise and Fitness

Getting back in shape



I am 44 years old, female, 5`, 130#s(yuK). Up until about two years ago, I was actually fit for my age and 105#s. Due to illness and medications such as prednisone, I have gained 25#s and have not run my previous 2.5miles 3x per wk and 5 miles 1x per wk. My thighs and buttocks are HUGE and I have cellulite for the first time ever. I can`t take this. Please tell me if I get back to my previous exercise regimine, this fat will go away! What can I do? Are there any other good exercises to do that will get rid of this fat fast? I am so depressed at my size and the flab. It seems hopeless. Also, I sit alot during the day driving and then on the computer. I swear it is stretching my rear out even more. Am I crazy?


As always, first check with your personal physician before beginning an exercise program.  Once you receive clearance from your physician, you may gradually incorporate cardiovascular conditioning into your daily routine.  Since you have not been involved in a regular conditioning program for the past two years, you will need to slowly increase the duration of your activity (i.e., brisk walking) and the intensity of your activity.  Do not overdo it.  Exercise is the single best predictor of weight management, so I would try to make it a part of your daily routine.

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Carolyn   Nickol, RD, MEd Carolyn Nickol, RD, MEd
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