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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Identifying Anxiety and Depression



I am a 44 year old black women.I am suffering from memory loss, anxiety attacks,I have hot sweats,I feel I am emotionally unbalanced, and I get really mean like I want to hurt someone. I don`t want to feel this way. I try very hard not to think about the way I am feeling but it is getting uncontrollable for me. Am I`m going thru the changes of life, why am I`m feeling this way? Please help me. Are these just anxiety attacks that I am having, or maybe mental problems?


What you are describing is more than the "change of life."  It sounds like both depression and anxiety may be a problem for you. I would recommend you see your primary care physician for an examination to make sure there are no other health problems going on, and to be evaluated for depression.

It is difficult to "cure" depression just by wanting it to be gone.  Depression is a major, but treatable, disease that responds to medication and counseling.  The first step, however, is getting an accurate diagnosis.   


Good luck

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